ChERT is the acronym for  CHARTERHOUSE ENVIRONS RESEARCH TEAM. It comprises of a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds but with similar interests, who first met in 2001 to study the Mendip Hills, from the past to the present day. Taking Charterhouse on Mendip as its centre, CHERT works closely with the A.O.N.B., English Heritage and local landowners to try and reveal the the complex processes that have shaped this unique area over the millenia. To this end it embraces a wide range of disciplines, utilising geological, archaeological and historical records. A good deal of time is spent in the field, surveying and recording landscape features with resulting data being held on this website and at the Somerset County H.E.R. (Historic Environment Records Office).

Occasionally, when the need arises and permissions can be obtained, the group undertakes archaeological excavations.


The group meets every Tuesday at 10am in the field next to the Charterhouse Education Centre or, when the weather is really bad, at the Blagdon History Society Hall in Blagdon. There are no rules regarding frequency of attendance and new members are always welcome. No special skills or qualifications are required other than an enquiring mind, a sociable character and a willingness to assist with any task that might arise during a project.


Contacts at the above e-mail address are:

Chairman: Brian Corney, Secretary Jacqueline Harrington.

Web Master: Brian Corney.     

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